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   More than 65 years of family skiing on the best hill in Central NY

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Safety Rules

  • Get off the T-bar at the top and mid-station only
  • Do not ski out of the T-bar ski track. Skiing out of the track pulls the T-bar cable off the tower, which causes a long shutdown of the T-bar for repair
  • Ski brakes or safety straps must be used by all skiers
  • Skis must be worn on the tow or T-bar
  • Do not drag poles when riding lifts
  • Toboggans, sleds, saucers, tubes, snowmobiles, and other sliding objects as designated by the Ski Patrol are not allowed on the hill

Ski Patrol

Our patrol, trained and NSPS registered volunteers, will cover the hill on weekends and other times when possible. The patrol and Board members may caution or can "ground" any skier who endangers anyone's safety or club property.

It is understood that any person using the facilities of the Cazenovia Ski Club does so at his/her own risk.

Reckless skiers, and those not observing the rules of the Cazenovia Ski Club or the New York state safety in skiing code will be removed from the hill.

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