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Andy Johnson

Work Experience

Summit Solutions - Cazenovia, New York (1999-present)
Founder and president of Summit Solutions. Responsible for all administrative and engineering activities.

Website Development
Developed many data-driven websites, including,,,, and others.

Data Analysis and Tool Development
Used MATLAB extensively for data analysis on the LCMR program at SRC Inc., Syracuse, NY.
Used MATLAB extensively on the ADS-B East Coast Broadcast program and the ASDE-3X program for Sensis Corporation, Dewitt, NY.

Application Development
Created distributed computing calibration system for SRC Inc., Syracuse, NY.
Created complex programmable driver interface application on the G/ATOR program for Sensis Corporation, Dewitt, NY.

System Integration and Test
Provided system integration and test support to Sensis Corporation on the SINDRE radar upgrade program. Provided system integration and test support to Lockheed Martin Corporation on the PSTAR radar program.

Software Improvements
Ported embedded Multiscan Correlator software to a new operating system for Sensis Corporation on the SINDRE radar upgrade program. Modified Control Indicator Unit software to provide new user features for Lockheed Martin on the PSTAR radar program for Switzerland.

Lockheed Martin - Syracuse, New York and Merrimack, New Hampshire (1985-1999)
System Engineer - AN/TPS-59(V)3 Radar
Responsible for False Alarm Reduction program on the TPS-59 radar for the U.S. Marine Corp.

Integration Engineer - MTM100
Responsible for integration, test, and fielding of Marine Traffic Management system for Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

System Engineer - PSTAR Radar
Responsible for all system engineering activities for the Portable Search and Target Acquisition Radar (PSTAR).  These activities included requirements analysis, system integration and test, environmental test, customer sell-off, customer field testing, marketing support, and development of product improvements.  Systems were developed for the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, and Portugal, and Switzerland.

System Engineer - TESON
Performed requirements flow-down and generated specifications for the TESON system (an acoustic sensor which detects aircraft activity and relays information to a main database).  Used RDD-100 extensively.

Hardware Design Engineer - PSTAR Data Processor
Designed 68020-based processor for PSTAR radar.  Processor provided all data processing functionality in addition to all system control and timing functions.

Hardware Engineer - AN/TPQ-44
Completed data processor and control indicator unit hardware and software on ARM Alarm radar (AN/TPQ-44) for the U.S. Air Force.  Performed system integration and test, including environmental testing and customer field testing.  Designed and implemented a computerized data capturing/playback system to record field data in order to develop improved processing algorithms.

Other Experience

Extensive background in digital design, processor design, and software.  Experienced on a variety of computer platforms (PC, Mac, Sun, etc.) and in many software applications (Windows, MS Office, MATLAB, RDD-100).  Experienced in programming various languages, including Assembly Language, BASIC, Ada, MATLAB, and especially C and C++.  Experienced with many web design tools/languages including HTML, Macromedia Studio (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc.), ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, and Perl/CGI.

Awards received

OR&SS - President’s RAVE Award
Outstanding performance leading to successful integration, test, and delivery of PSTAR radar for Singapore.

Sanders - President’s Quarterly Technical Achievement Award
Significant technical achievement for the helicopter detection performance improvement on the PSTAR program.

Sanders - Performance Incentive Plan Award
Outstanding performance on the PSTAR program.

Sanders - Performance Incentive Plan Award
Outstanding performance on the ARM Alarm program.


University of Maine; Orono, Maine
BS Electrical Engineering; concentration in digital and microprocessor hardware and software design.